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That’s A Relief

Listening and reading “military analysts” discussing the Hedgemony’s Excellent Adventure has been making me nervous. I have been concerned that the uniforms had some sort of neurotoxin in their dye that caused you to go delusional.

Fortunately the New York Times article, Behind Military Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand, shows that is was just an unethical [and illegal] domestic agitprop program of the Rumsfeld Pentagon. It might have been nice if the media had vetted their “experts” and announced all of their conflicts of interest, but audiences aren’t interested in distractions, like the fact that the person doing the talking makes big bucks from the war he is praising. They do tend to avoid “product placements”, like “that nest of America-hating-scum was shipped to hell by the Kill-All model AGM-5009X of the Grace L. Ferguson Missile and Storm Door Corporation.”