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Another Comment

Update: Melissa McEwan of Shakesville who has direct experience of the problem posts at The Guardian blog site: Trolls don’t build bridges.

In BlondeSense Liz’s post, Calling for Manners in the Blog World?, she quotes from a New York Times article:

Mr. O’Reilly and Mr. Wales talk about creating several sets of guidelines for conduct and seals of approval represented by logos. For example, anonymous writing might be acceptable in one set; in another, it would be discouraged. Under a third set of guidelines, bloggers would pledge to get a second source for any gossip or breaking news they write about.

I highlighted that third set of guidelines because this is a higher standard than is currently used by the MSM. Oh, they have policies that say they are getting multiple sources, but a phone call and a fax from Karl Rove do not constitute two sources.

I haven’t linked to either NTodd’s first post or second post because he isn’t being very civil about civility. Actually, he’s being militantly uncivil, but mainly because he’s way behind on Sam blogging.