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2007 April 25 — Why Now?
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The Arrogance of These People

First read this post at Peripetia.

Then have a look at this poster at Culture Ghost. [The quote on the top of the poster is accurate.]

Which individual do you think is more deserving of empathy and sympathy?

Update: If you need time to decide Mad Kane provides the music.

April 25, 2007   8 Comments

Another Reason Not To Enlist

A lot of blogs have noted ESPN’s Pat Tillman article. Most posts, like Vastleft’s Onward, Christianist soldiers have concentrated on the interview with Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Kauzlarich, the Ranger regiment executive officer in Afghanistan who conducted the first official Army investigation into Tillman’s death.

The reaction has been to Kauzlarich’s attitude toward atheists, and atheists have a right to be upset that this man that the taxpayers support obviously lets his religious views intrude in his decision making. The military officially frowns on politics or religion being injected into command decisions, but under the Shrubbery those rules have been sparsely enforced.

Before reading the part of the article that is below the fold, I would like to point out what Kauzlarich is implying about Christians. If you accept his view, Christians are a bunch of sheep who never question authority and wouldn’t be upset that the government lied about the manner in which their child/spouse/sibling/friend died. In Kauzlarich’s mind, no Christian would care, because their loved one was with Jesus.

The man is talking like Christianity is a death cult. Do we really want to trust our troops to a man who thinks dying is better than living?

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April 25, 2007   11 Comments