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2007 April 22 — Why Now?
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Scared Mindless

Via ‘Noz a clear case of recycling while brown.

Keep in mind that ROTC is “Reserve Officer Training Corps.”

April 22, 2007   6 Comments

It’s Just Pet Food

Okay, for those people who are not fond of pets and don’t understand the problem, does calling it “animal feed” help?

Melamine found at California pig farm, because out of date pet food is sold to hog farms as animal feed.

Mad Cow Disease is spread by animal feed that contains parts from other diseased animals especially sheep with scrapie.

E. coli O157:H7, as in “[t]wo beef producers, one in California and the other in Pennsylvania, have recalled a total of close to 400,000 pounds of beef stemming from fears of E. Coli contamination,” is a result of raising on grain, rather than allowing them to graze. The cows’ digestive system destroys this virulent form of E. coli when they digest grass.

This is why it is important to inspect pet food/animal feed. This stuff can enter the human food market.

April 22, 2007   3 Comments

How’s That New Version Going, Bill?

Vista is been such a success that CNet reports that Dell is bringing XP back. In response to customer demand, Dell is going to make Windows XP available on its home machines, as it still is on its business machines.

The Dell was running a customer survey when Vista was introduced, and an extremely large number of people don’t want to switch. Apparently other people have stocks of XP machines, if you ask.

This is good news for people who would rather wait that switch. As Dell goes, so goes a large part of the computer market, so other companies will see the light.

April 22, 2007   10 Comments

Show A Little Respect

Momma Earth

She’s the only planet we have, if we blow it, we can’t pack up and move.

Wikipedia has a brief Earth Day entry, but links to other sites.

USGS Sea Level Rise animation if global warming continues.

April 22, 2007   Comments Off on Show A Little Respect

Passing the Plate

Florida License Plates

Florida Plate Blogging


Standard Florida Plate

A weekend feature of Why Now.

April 22, 2007   Comments Off on Passing the Plate