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2007 April 24 — Why Now?
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Gunslinger Logic

Update: One of the reasons I wrote this is Jack’s post at Grumpy Forester, The Handgun Phallacy.

There’s a police shooting and someone asks why they didn’t just wound the suspect, why was it necessary to kill him/her. The honest answer is that the officer was lucky to hit the individual, and when s/he pulled the trigger, unless they were a sniper, the shot was probably not “aimed.”

I have two incidents that I am personally aware of that occurred when I was in law enforcement. I won’t give identifying details because the incidents are professionally embarrassing.

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April 24, 2007   22 Comments

A Quick Trip To Nowhere

From Joel Roberts at The Skinny a brief piece, Karl Rove Under The Microscope, about the Office of Special Counsel looking in to the firing of the US Attorneys.

Sorry, but the cap will be on the eyepiece of the microscope. CREW has their opinion of the head of OSC, Scott Bloch, and his record of nonfeasance when it involves protecting government employees, the reason for the existence of the office.

Instead of using Regents University grads to fill all the positions, OSC gets its people from the Ave Maria School of Law, which achieved full accreditation in 2005.

Can you say “stalling to run out the clock”? I thought you could. Will the White House say, “can’t comment on current investigations”? Of course they will.

April 24, 2007   8 Comments