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2007 April 21 — Why Now?
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Some Good News

By now everyone should have heard that chocolate is actually good for you, in moderation. Both dark chocolate and milk chocolate have health benefits.

Now we learn that the strawberry daiquiri is a health food. Apparently alcohol increases the natural benefits of berries, but in moderation.

April 21, 2007   6 Comments

Blue Angels’ Crash

USN Blue Angels

There are reports that one of the F/A-18s of the Blue Angels has crashed during an air show in South Carolina. The local coroner has said that the pilot died in the crash.

The Blue Angels are stationed at NAS Pensacola, 35 miles West of me.

April 21, 2007   Comments Off on Blue Angels’ Crash

Public v. Private

There have been a couple of major clashes between public and private space and for what it’s worth these are my thoughts.

I am a supporter of the Second Amendment right to own weapons, but there is a very big difference between having those weapons in private space and having them in public space. You have a right to have them on your own property, but you have to accommodate the wishes of society if you want have them on public property. It isn’t your decision to make on public property, it is the public’s decision. In addition to the discussion around what happened at Virginia Tech, the Florida legislature is playing with “take your gun to work” laws. As far as I’m concerned if the business owner doesn’t want guns on the property, the public has no right to overrule that decision.

It works the same with free speech – your right to be heard doesn’t override my right to be left alone. Your exercise of freedom of religion can’t trump my right to be free from your religion. Just because you’re free to print newspapers, doesn’t mean I have to buy one.

That brings me to another big story, the Supreme Court decision on a medical procedure. I don’t see why this is anyone’s business but those directly involved. I see people talking about “society’s interest,” but I don’t see what society’s interest is. If the claim is that society has an interest in “unborn children”, that’s a lie on it’s face. If society actually had such an interest, society would be providing pre-natal care for pregnant women, and contraceptives so that women who don’t want to have a child don’t get pregnant. Without those two minimum efforts, the whole concept is a lie. The US has a rotten infant mortality rate for a first world country, so obviously society has no interest in “unborn children.”

I’m getting really tired with these big deficit, big government Republans sticking the Federal nose into everyone’s private lives. They can’t do their job, but they want to tell you how to live your life.

Update: This is why businesses don’t want guns on their property.

April 21, 2007   6 Comments