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Why I Don’t Watch Television — Why Now?
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Why I Don’t Watch Television

CNN was on at my Mother’s tonight and the burning issue that the bearded guy named for a reindeer felt all of the Presidential candidates should respond to: “what about I-Maus?”

With two wars and major executive departments in melt down, the Puppy wants people trying to become the President of the United States to comment on a burn-out with a microphone who insults women and minorities.

Exactly how does the stupidity of someone on talk radio become the most important political question of the day?

As long as I’m on the media, will someone tell them that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not the only two black people in the United States.


1 Daniel Pennant { 04.11.07 at 3:46 am }

It is true there are too many talk about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I’d like to talk about them with my friends on EbonyFriends.com. Because it is worth talking.

2 Steve Bates { 04.11.07 at 8:34 am }

“the bearded guy named for a reindeer”


Apple’s next product, the iMus: it no longer has the hard drive it used to have, and has a capacity of only one really offensive song, but it plays it over and over for years. There are no preorders for this product, but delivery may be delayed two weeks anyway, or possibly indefinitely. The price to you, the consumer: all hope of self-respect in the future. Disrecommended; two thumbs in… I mean, two thumbs down.

3 John B. { 04.11.07 at 9:09 am }

Good for you… No, no…. Great for you! About time someone put this whole Imus thing in the proper context.

Talk radio was never considered to be good or even acceptable radio, just dirt cheap to produce. No need to pay hefty annual ASCAP or BMI licenses to play music. Just a microphone, a telephone, and some nitwit who will work for peanuts to hear himself jibber-jabber. Idiot callers supply the story line.

The untold story is how many of those callers are home-bound due to serious mental as well as physical disabilities. Most of them are completely nuts, drunk, high, or terminally stupid — and the talk show producers know it.

I should know. I used to be a weekend talk show host years and years ago on a major clear channel station elsewhere in the nation. It wasn’t my main job, just a sideline, but very soon I learned to despise it. I felt committed for the two years I had promised, though. Without exception, all the full time talk show hosts at that 24-hour talk-and-sports radio station felt the same as I did, but they needed the money, lousy at it was, and couldn’t quit.

For what it’s worth, that experience tells me the acerbic personality of Imus (and Limbaugh and etc. etc.) that some people find so amusing is born of self-loathing. At some level of the conscious or unconscious, no matter how much they are paid these guys know better than anyone that they have sold their souls.

4 Karen { 04.11.07 at 11:11 am }

I never listen to any of these folks I-Maus or Oxycontin Limbaugh nor even Air America – excpet small excerpts when something specific (like this) brings it up. I dont know why folks DO listen to this…or again watch most of this crap. Thanks Gawd for TiVo and I usually only have to watch stuff I like or want.


5 Bryan { 04.11.07 at 2:21 pm }

So Apple has move from Vaporware to Flatulenceware. [I can be just a stupid as the worst of them.]

John, I plead guilty, but only when I was originally in college, and at an all-male school, so it was pretty bad. This really is all about money. If ratings were slipping the guy would be gone, not suspended. If he can generate money, they are going to keep him. The rules don’t have enough power to really make them important. If there were real costs associated with this, it would stop. But the bottom line is that most of the US has never heard or heard of Don Imus and this is a “media” story, not a real story. This was a New York story put on the national stage because it was a cheap way to fill airtime.

Karen, given their numbers, it would be hard to find people who do listen.