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The New & Improved “Five O’Clock Follies” — Why Now?
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The New & Improved “Five O’Clock Follies”

Lurch at Main & Central covers the latest attempt by Major General “Baghdad Bill” Caldwell, spokesweasel for MessoPtomainia, to convince the world that the people attacking US forces have to have an external state sponsor, because that’s what Darth Cheney and the neocons believe.

These people can’t understand that the Cold War rules no longer apply, and people can be nasty without having a government behind them. The fact that you can’t bomb anyone and get results may be disappointing, but it’s reality in the current situation.

We went through this a month or so back with the phony weapons show. It was embarrassing when you realize that the guys running this war can’t even create fraudulent evidence that will stand up to a Google search. Come on, guys – the Iranian arms industry has a web site with pictures on it, show a little effort.