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Not Amusing

From Danger Room this bit of supposed levity: Army Chief Still Not Dead

“I understand that when Pete came out of retirement [to take over the Army post] his status was changed somehow from retired to deceased,” Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said. “It took General Schoomaker, the highest-ranking officer in the Army, a full six months to iron out the paperwork. Leave it to the Pentagon bureaucracy to prove that you can in fact be brought back from the dead.”

That’s not all, added Schoomaker as he took the podium. He said, “You know, on that letter that I received from finance … when I got called back, the interesting thing was they – it was a form letter, and they had my name in there three times, and each time it was misspelled.”

This was Rumfeld’s Defense Department, Schoomaker assumed the job in August of 2003. If they screw up the paperwork for one the top five generals in the military, what chance do enlisted people have?

Repeating a complaint – why do all of these generals get to retire while the lower rants keep getting hit by stop-loss orders and tour extensions?


1 Anntichrist S. Coulter { 04.13.07 at 11:22 pm }

‘Cause the generals are the generals for a reason, honeybunch. They’ve spent their careers covering the asses of their higher-ups, especially when it means wasting the lives of the lower-downs.

Some people are valuable, some people are expendable.

That’s America.

2 Scorpio { 04.13.07 at 11:53 pm }

They may as well retire. That is the only way their brothers can move up.

3 Bryan { 04.14.07 at 12:05 am }

There are more than a few of them who shouldn’t be allowed to retire, they should be booted out. Congress should approve any more stars is things get better for the troops; that’s how you get their attention.