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It Has Started — Why Now?
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It Has Started

Well the “experts” have already decided that everyone in charge at Virginia Tech is an incompetent buffoon who should be fired because this incident happened.

Some are saying that they should have “locked down the campus” which would have stopped the second shooting. They don’t suggest how that could be accomplished with over 25,000 students on a campus with 100 buildings on 2,600 acres when your entire police force for 24/7 coverage is 40 officers, but that’s what needed to be done. And when the campus got sued after the incident occurred anyway since they had locked in the killer and his weapons with the victims, these people would have argued that the administration should have allowed people to escape.

The problem is that the officers who responded to the first shooting received from the witnesses a description of Asian male wearing a maroon hat. The two people who could have provided better information were dead or dying. Without a good description, who do you look for? Does anyone believe there was only one male Asian on the campus, because they didn’t know the perpetrator was a student until later. As for the hat, it was probably a Virginia Tech hat and college students, despite their denials, all tend to dress alike.

This was the WORST incident of this kind ever. There is no right answer, because no one has ever dealt with this before. There still isn’t enough confirmed information to make any judgments. Let’s wait for the complete picture and stop going off half-cocked. The people at the top had to have known some of those who were killed personally, and they are dealing with grief like everyone else on the campus.