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Your Terrorist Update


Rook wants to know: How many #2 men are there in al-Qaida?

If you capture someone who is possibly a Muslim and isn’t named Osama bin Laden, he’s a #2. The current US government view of the al Qaeda organizational chart is Osama and then everyone else.

Pierre Tristam thinks it’s odd that a man who entered the US illegally and is being extradited by another country for blowing up civilian airliners is released on bail.

Really, Pierre, he’s an anti-Castro Cuban, so, of course he was released.

Xan wonders why none of the MSM is interested in the seizure of a massive arsenal of explosives, weapons, and ammunition.

Come on, Xan, they are white Christian NASCAR fans, not real terrorists. They were just a little over zealous in embracing their rights under the Second Amendment.

Remember: the only people who can protect you from another 9/11 are the guys who were in charge on 9/11. [There’s something wrong there, but don’t analyze it.] They probably won’t screw up that badly again. [Nobody got fired and most of them are still in charge of something vital.]

Update: I left this off by accident.

Ellroon thinks that Sen. Frank Lautenberg [D-NJ] is correct in believing that people on terrorist watch lists shouldn’t be able to buy guns.

Not buy guns? Wait a minute, I don’t think we want to get carried away with this security business. Maybe the GOP is right to have blocked this when they controlled Congress.