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Waiting For The Song To Come Around Again — Why Now?
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Waiting For The Song To Come Around Again

Jack at Grumpy Forester has been explaining to his kids that It Is As It Was. He makes us all look really stupid for going down the same path that led to Watergate and Vietnam.

Melanie finds that Thomas E. Ricks of the Washington Post talks to people who think Iraq is Riskier Than Vietnam.

More corrupt than Nixon and a bigger military and diplomatic disaster than Vietnam, I don’t think the Shrubbery has to worry about having a “legacy.”

Note: I feel stupid for not being able to figure out a way of stopping this.  I saw it happening again and I couldn’t convince people of the danger.


1 Karen { 04.30.07 at 7:30 am }

I just really can’t get it out of my mind how much these folks don’t GET IT on the legacy they are creating…but how apt life-in-prison would be their just-desserts for their Criminal Incompetence and Murder via Torture of folks. There should not be immunity from such crimes…merely because it would LOOK BAD and no matter how high Image of the office we seek to protect from their dishonor.

2 ellroon { 04.30.07 at 11:10 am }

There’s so much we couldn’t believe was actually happening. I realized after watching Bill Moyers ‘Buying the War’ that I was truly out of the propaganda loop. I did not read the articles calling for war and reasons Saddam was connected to Osama.

I saw Bush selected for president in 2000 and bet with my friends that we would be at war with Iraq within two years. This was before 9/11 and the trifecta Bush rejoiced over.

I confess I am truly stunned people have no memory of the McCarthy era nor Stalin and the gulags, the Nazis and the thought police. I am stunned we have at least 33% of Americans eager to give away our country so they can live in a theocracy. Didn’t anyone pass their history classes?

We saw it coming, Bryan, but the media, the government, the people had been hijacked, brainwashed, and distracted by fear and hate. There was nothing we could do to stop this except what we have done. Talk to one another, blog, and challenge at every turn the falsehoods presented as truth.

I’m just staggered it has taken 6+ years for some to wake up to the truth. We will need to expose the neocon PNAC agenda to brilliant sunlight and tons of bleach or we will be doing this all over again in 50 years….

3 Jack K, the Grumpy Forester { 04.30.07 at 11:23 am }

…Dubya clearly wanted a legacy as a brave, stalwart war president and world leader. Seems to be shaping up that he will be lucky to make it out the door in ’09 being able to say “well, at least I didn’t face impeachment like Nixon”…

4 Bryan { 04.30.07 at 2:57 pm }

If nothing else, Karen, Congress should take their pensions away. The Constitution only references compensation while in office, the pensions and benefits have been added by laws and can be altered by laws, just ask military veterans who found out the system they enlisted under might no be the system they retire under. There a lot of entitlements we can no longer afford before we start looking at Social Security.

Ellroon, I kept hearing “they would never do that, you just don’t like them.” I don’t like them, but they did it. They have been running a political party like a mob family. We keep finding out about the crimes that the Congress under their thrall has been ignoring for six years. Everyone was claiming I was raving from partisanship, even though I didn’t register as a Democrat until after what was going on was obvious, and because of what was going on. I’m sick of being called un-American and unpatriotic by people who haven’t even bother to find out what it means to be an American. I’m tired of all of the rewritten history and distortions to hide from the truth, especially from people who don’t have a problem with waving the battle flag of the Army of Tennessee.

Jack, we have to create something special for the Shrubbery, something that tells the following generations that we realized what a total loser he is.