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Everyone Needs A Hobby

Remember the former anesthesiologist in Ohio who is under investigation after being injured by a pipe bomb at his house? Well, according to his mother, building pipe bombs was a just a hobby.

Oh, yeah, a harmless hobby, like ham radio or model airplanes. Sure, everyone enjoys a well-crafted improvised explosive device. No harm in constructing bombs in a residential neighborhood… 😈

I wonder if we’ll discover that the next meth lab that gets busted, was merely an advanced chemistry experiment. Maybe North Korea should have tried – “Well, we had all this plutonium just sort of laying around and we thought we would see what we could do with it.”

December 12, 2009   7 Comments

Quick Hits

You would think a former professor of Constitutional law would be a bit embarrassed by signing in law a bill of attainder, especially when it is based on dodgy “evidence”. [If it is good enough standard to start wars, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this.] From Digby.

Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald Leader drew a cartoon which neatly encapsulates the argument against limiting greenhouse gases. From McClatchy.

The Senate has put on a virtuoso display of missing the point, and total incompetence by creating a health care bill that allows insurance companies to limit coverage in a provision that is supposed to outlaw the practice, and has created a bill to control health care costs that will raise those costs. From MSNBC.

I have been tied up dealing with the medical/insurance industry for someone else. The insurance hasn’t been any problem at all because it is Medicare and Tricare. The problems have all been with the “electronic billing systems” used by doctors, pharmacies, and medical equipment suppliers. At one point of frustration I told the person at the medical equipment supplier that I would be more than happy to just pay cash, and the woman looked at me nearly in tears and said “Please don’t make me do a cash transaction, it’s pure hell!”

December 12, 2009   6 Comments