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How You Fight Terrorism

Keep Calm and Carry On

Hair-trigger reactions to failed plots, that seek to increase everyone’s worry for political gain is not how you fight terrorism, that is how you help terrorists succeed.

The terrorists want to make you afraid. If you live in fear, they have won.

The system worked. No one died and the terrorist was arrested. The people who are freaking out in the media are giving him the victory he was too incompetent to win on his own. Now is the time for ridicule, not “tough measures”. The measures should be taken later, without fanfare, when the bad guys think they have gotten away with something. Such measures are best delivered in person, so there is no mistaking why it happened.

December 27, 2009   14 Comments

Well, That’s Annoying

In this upgrade they have replaced all references to “delete” with “trash”. Spam, posts, whatever you no longer want, is now “moved to trash” instead of deleted.

It is the incursion of the Mac people.

December 27, 2009   Comments Off on Well, That’s Annoying

A Good Day

After months of mucking about with doctors, I sat down with “The Pill Book” and then went on-line to verify what I had found at multiple sources. A long-term debilitating problem was resolved by telling the individual to stop taking a particular medication which was for an extremely minor condition. The individual was having a full-blown reaction to the medication.

Today, the individual was back to their normal self. After New Year’s they can contact the doctor who prescribed the medication and work out a different solution. This was the result of too many specialists, none of whom can take the time to really look at the overall patient. The medication is normally the best, most targeted solution to the problem it addressed, and it solved that problem, but as people age the effects of medication change, and when you throw other chronic conditions into the mix, good solutions turn bad.

The damn inserts with the medication are too general and don’t help you find out what I discovered. They are written in tiny type and de-stress the possible problems. It took me hours to find what I needed to know using multiple searches for possible interactions.

I also discovered a weakness in the usually excellent system for spotting interactions used by the pharmacy involved – if you are controlling a problem with diet and/or exercise, the system doesn’t know to look for interactions. It is dependent on the drugs you take.

Now, if I could just figure out how to bill the insurance companies at my systems analyst rate…

December 27, 2009   4 Comments

Cheated Disaster Again

For no known technical reason, I managed to upgrade to the latest version.

I assume I’m being lulled into complacency so I can be wiped out by version 3.0.

There is no question that one of these upgrades is going to be a complete meltdown, only which one.

December 27, 2009   2 Comments