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What Is The Difference — Why Now?
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What Is The Difference

Between a Centaur and a Senator?

One is a horse’s ass with a human face, and the other is a mythical beast.

LIEberman is doing what he has always done. He never avoids an opportunity to project himself to the center of attention, and he is surrounded by enablers. His connections to the insurance industry are no more secret that Ben Nelson’s, so anyone who is surprised by the reactions of either of them, is totally out of touch with this universe.

Since Obama’s election, LIEberman’s feelings of importance have soared. He didn’t have to back down to get everything he has asked for because Harry Reid has bent over backwards to claim that he has 60 votes. Well, Harry, here’s a news flash – you do not now, nor have you ever had sixty votes, you have merely had 60 people in your caucus, and the two are not the same.

No one pressures LIEberman on anything, so there is no reason for him to change. Obama certainly doesn’t pressure the man he personally selected as his mentor when he was elected the Senator from Illinois. LIEberman was who Obama wanted to be, and he voted the same way as LIEberman on almost every roll call during his abbreviated Senate term.

There is nothing really left in the Senate bill that is worth supporting. The progressive/liberals in the Senate should just say no, and wait until there is a President and Senate that is interested in actually improving the US health care system. The Democratic Caucus should also kick LIEberman out. If you won’t vote with the caucus on procedures, you shouldn’t enjoy any of the benefits of membership.


1 Steve Bates { 12.17.09 at 3:51 pm }

“One is a horse’s ass with a human face, …”

Now that made me smile, in a week in which few things have done so.
.-= last blog ..Hamsher: – ‘All Just Senate Kabuki’ =-.

2 Bryan { 12.17.09 at 8:47 pm }

Every once in a while something comes to me, but I’m not putting out any resumes based on my wit.