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There’s No Benefit To Being Right — Why Now?
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There’s No Benefit To Being Right

Badtux went back to his archives, to show that he identified Obama as not being anything close to a liberal in January 2008.

I wrote in January 2008:

Natasha wondered about the other candidate in Obama: Another Liberdem? The answer is yes. Don’t listen to his speeches, read his positions. The man has more in common with Arlen Specter than John Kennedy. He’s a moderate to conservative Republican and further to the right than Hillary Clinton.

Avedon Carol points out how unliberal the “Health Care Reform” is. What is being offered is a massive windfall for insurance companies, for which people receive next to nothing. Having “health insurance” is not the same as having “health care”.

Digby notes that ActBlue has raised $114+ million on-line since 2004 and about one million went to Obama. Surely that qualifies ActBlue as a “Center” or “Power Forward” on Obama’s Team. If they were ActBlue, Inc., they wouldn’t be ignored, they would have gotten a slot as an ambassador to some small country where nothing happens.

People seem to forget that when you listen to an Obama speech, you are watching a performance. Obama isn’t the “playwright”, he’s the “lead actor”. Great orators write their own speeches, like Lincoln and Barbara Jordan. That’s a major reason why I have never heard an Obama speech. I assume he’s a competent actor, but I want to see what the play is really about. I see a lot of comments that indicate that people are falling for the form and missing the substance.


1 Bryan { 12.19.09 at 5:35 pm }

Obama has never, in his entire political record, voted for anything that was left of center – nothing, zero, zip, nada, ничево.

He was raised by his grandmother, a bank executive, and attended the best prep school in Hawaii, and attended Ivy League universities. He worked as an editor for a financial news service before attending Harvard Law.

He is a Democrat only because of that is the party identification of the Chicago political machine, and that machine was the quickest road to the top.

News flash for you, Bush had a Republican Congress, and things got so bad that the Democrats carried everything. Bush could have gotten Kyoto approved if you had wanted, but he didn’t want to, because he was an oil company executive.

Copenhagen is more smoke and mirrors because Obama wouldn’t/couldn’t lead, and has no firm convictions about much of anything.

Obama refused to enter into the formation of the bill. He made the decision to have it done this way, and he got what he wanted, a gift to corporations. He isn’t just the President, he is the nominal leader of the Democratic Party, but he refuses to lead.

Those of us who saw this early are normally labeled as racists, because too many can’t get their minds around the reality that skin color is irrelevant in politics: it’s the recorded votes that count. Rhetoric is meaningless; again, it’s the way people vote that matters. Obama votes like a moderate to conservative Republican.

2 Bryan { 12.20.09 at 10:32 am }

Yeah, right. I voted Green, not Democrat, on the Presidential line, because I know a Republican when I see one.

3 Badtux { 12.20.09 at 11:18 am }

Y’know, I’ve never heard of people like Tim Geithner (Goldman Sachs), Michael Froman (Citigroup), Lewis Alexander (Citigroup), Diana Farrell (Goldman Sachs)… heck, the entire Obama economic team… described as “socialists and Chicago mobsters” before. They seem more like crony capitalists from Wall Street to me. Funny how suddenly they mutate into “socialists and Chicago mobsters” amongst right-wing hyperventilators the moment they quit working for Wall Street and start working for Obama ;). Just another example of right-wing Obama Derangement Syndrome, I suppose…

— Badtux the Amused-by-right-winger-nuttiness Penguin
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4 Bryan { 12.20.09 at 12:14 pm }

Oh, yeah, I’m sure that Karl and Fred would have voted to bail out Wall Street, rather than letting it crash because of its uncontrolled greed 😈