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All Hail Pyrrhus Of Chicago

From the New York Times [via MSNBC] Denied 2 full victories, Obama takes validation

From Copenhagen to Capitol Hill, the president determined the outer limits of what he could accomplish on climate change and health care and decided that was enough, at least for now. He brokered a nonbinding agreement with other world powers to fight global warming, averting the collapse of an international summit meeting. And he blessed a compromise on health care to guarantee the votes needed to pass the Senate.

In order to get two checkmarks for his curriculum vitae, Obama has cast off liberals, independents, new voters, women, environmental voters, pretty much 80% of the people who voted for him. He hasn’t actually fought for anything, he has just read a few speeches when he thought it was necessary to quiet the masses.

So far he has maintained all of the executive power grab that the Shrubbery claimed, continues to abuse civil liberties, has enacted policies that help Wall Street, and bowed to the wishes of the Blue Dogs. He has more interest in courting the votes of Republicans, than his own supporters.

Pyrrhic victories are a fine thing if you don’t care about your “troops” and aren’t interested in winning the “war”.