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Le Tour de France 2010 — Why Now?
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Le Tour de France 2010

Tour de FranceThis might be the last Tour that Lance Armstrong rides in but he is doing it to make a number of points, all personal, and to extract some revenge.

As this is a French event the ceremonial start tomorrow will take place in… Rotterdam… which the last time I looked was in the Netherlands. The first stage, on Sunday, will be from Rotterdam to Brussels… which is in Belgium, but closer to France than the Netherlands.

Given that the Netherlands national football team advanced to the World Cup semi-finals today, I’m not sure if there will be too many people in Rotterdam in any shape to watch a bicycle race.

The race still ends in Paris, which is still in France, so there is some connection.

I will once again follow the race, but with no great detail until after the World Cup. Fortunately the French national football team had a total meltdown, so the French will probably be interested after it gets to France.