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2010 July 25 — Why Now?
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If You Lay Down With Dogs…

The Mobile Press-Register editorial board seems to have forgotten a few things: All we want is a commitment to compensation

The federal government, for its part, has to come up with more ways to help coastal communities. Why not — as Mayor Craft and Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon have urged — declare the region a national disaster area? That could make all kinds of loans, grants and services available.

Mind you, nobody on the Gulf Coast asked to be the victim of BP’s sloppy drilling practices and the federal government’s failed oversight. And nobody is asking for handouts, either.

We only want the compensation we deserve — and we need it now.

First off, if you want the area declared a disaster area, don’t look to Washington, talk to Montgomery. I’m sure someone in Alabama remembers the concept of state’s rights, and part of that is the requirement that the states asked for assistance, the Federal government doesn’t just send it. The states also need to specify the type of assistance that’s needed. This isn’t a natural disaster, this is pollution caused by a corporation and the corporation, not the Federal government, is responsible.

Secondly, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas allow drilling off their coasts, and profit from it, so those states are not blameless.

Third, the lax oversight was and is encouraged by almost every major politician running for office in Alabama. Alabama voted for the President whose administration pretty much eliminated regulation of the oil industry, G.W. Bush.

Even now, after the mess that is the Well from Hell, McClatchy reports that politicians in the affected states are complaining about a six-month moratorium to get a handle on the problem.

Things are not going to get better until people in the coastal states acknowledge their own culpability in this mess. If voters won’t elect people who refuse to blindly trust corporations, and lately they won’t, those voters have no room to complain when they are harmed by the corporations.

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Stage 20 – C’est Fini

Tour de FranceLongjumeau – Paris

Distance: 102.5 kilometers.

This is the final stage and Alberto Contador is assured of the Yellow. There are, however, two sprints and three people separated by 16 points in the race for the Green Jersey.

Petacchi held on to the Green, as Cavendish moved into second with his fifth stage win, and Thor Hushvodt settled for third.

Alberto Contador takes his third Yellow without winning a single stage, and Andy Schleck takes his third White.

Charteau won the Polka Dot, followed by Christophe Moreau of GCE, and Andy Schleck third.

Sylvain Chavanel was the winner of the most Combative rider on this years race. He won two stages and the Yellow twice.

The Lanterne Rouge [Red Lantern] goes to Adriano Malori of Lampre who finished 4 hours, 27 minutes, and 3 seconds after Contador.

Yellow Jersey Alberto Contador ( Esp – AST – 001 ) [Yellow] 91h 58m 48s
Green Jersey Alessandro Petacchi ( Ita – LAM – 208 ) [Green] 243 points
Polka Dot Jersey Anthony Charteau ( Fra – BBO – 153 ) [Polka Dot] 143 points
White Jersey Andy Schleck ( Lux – SAX – 011 ) 2 [White]
Team: Radio Shack RSH ( 021-029 ) [Yellow numbers]
Stage winner: Mark Cavendish ( GBr – THR – 111 )
Super Combative: Sylvain Chavanel ( Fra – QST – 131 ) [Red numbers]
Lanterne Rouge: Adriano Malori ( Ita – LAM – 207 ) +4h 27m 03s

They’ve gone 3,641.9 kilometers [2,263.0 miles] at an average speed of 39.6 kph [24.6 mph].


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