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2010 July 27 — Why Now?
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Excuse Me, Mr Greene

As you have apparently forgotten, you are running in the Democratic Party primary in the state of Florida.

You really shouldn’t be using debunked Republican talking points to attack another “Democrat”, it just isn’t done. I realize that the truth about the collapse of the economy makes you look bad, because you profited in the hundreds of millions of dollars range, but any number economists have shown that the Community Reinvestment Act and the actions of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac did not cause the problems. It was bogus bond ratings, the credit default swaps, and questionable mortgage approvals of private lenders that were at the heart of the bubble.

As someone who “flipped” real estate and was involved heavily in CDSs, you were definitely more of a contributor to the financial meltdown than a Florida Congresscritter.

About being from Florida – we have a cigar industry in Florida, and it has been here a very long time. Florida Congresscritters don’t vote to increase taxes on cigars, or citrus, or theme parks.

Oh, yes, during football season you don’t schedule events for Friday [high school], Saturday [college], or Sunday [pros]. You really should hire some Floridians who could explain these things to you. You could start by learning the names of all of the major teams that play in Florida, and the “enemy”.

You really should have run as a Republican. It is beginning to sound like you flipped a coin with Rick Scott and lost, so you had to run as a Democrat.

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