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2010 July 29 — Why Now?
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The Long Hot Summer

FireThe West Fire is 44% contained and the Bull Run Creek Fire is 12% contained.

Pressure has been relieved on the Bull Run Creek Fire because the movement has been away from the towns.

It’s not just California. Up in the Grumpy Forester’s neck of the woods in Central Oregon, Buckhorn Complex was started by lightning around noon on Tuesday. It is actually two fires that are close together in the BLM Prineville District and are combined as one incident. So far 2300 acres have burned.

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What Scum

It’s no coincidence that oil and scum float to the top. There is no lie they won’t tell and no con they won’t try.

Via Digby we discover America’s Wetland. Now you might think this is just another environmental organization interested in protecting and rebuilding wetlands, and you might even consider supporting their efforts, except they don’t need any money because their sponsors provide more than enough of that.

Their goal is to convince Congress to fund wetlands restoration instead of requiring the corporations that damaged it to pay for it.

We are spending a lot of money in Florida in efforts to restore the Everglades after a long history of screwing things up. There is some Federal money involved, but it is in the form of matching funds for certain projects, and the state has to come up with their share.

The oil companies want to get out from under the requirement that they pay for what they damage. There is no reason for Congress to go along with this, Louisiana already gets more than it pays in Federal taxes as one of the “welfare states”, so if they want to help the oil companies out, let them explain it to voters.

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