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As Expected

The Republicans sold out the people of Florida to help the oil companies.

The Miami Herald documented the atrocity:

The Florida House abruptly adjourned a special legislative session after 49 minutes Tuesday, rejecting Gov. Charlie Crist’s proposal to let voters place a permanent ban on offshore drilling in the Florida Constitution.

The party-line vote to adjourn the session was 67-44, with Republicans supporting adjournment and Democrats in favor of continuing the debate.

[Florida House Speaker Larry] Cretul formed six “work groups” of House members to study various aspects of the spill response and to propose “meaningful legislative solutions, if possible,” by the end of August. The six work groups are all being led by junior Republican members, including three freshmen members. None of the six is from the Panhandle, the area experiencing the most severe economic hardships so far.

I hope everyone sees how important speaker “Cretin” thinks the Gulf Gusher is, and how much respect the Republican Party of Florida has for BP’s victims and the Panhandle.

If you vote for a Republican in Florida, you are voting for drilling in the coastal waters, All 67 of them in the Florida house voted to deny the people a voice on the issue.