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Just Hang Up

The ‘Obama Phone’ seems to be getting a lot of coverage on the Right, which should be everyone’s first clue that it is wrong.

This program is one of the many things that has pissed me off about Ronald Reagan and the lies about what a conservative and tax cutter he was. This is, was, and always will be another Ronnie Raygun Unfunded Mandate, like so many other things.

Look at your phone bill. Somewhere in it you will find a one dollar fee labeled ‘Lifeline’ or ‘Universal Coverage’. That is the tax used to cover this program. The reason that you were probably unaware of it is simple: the telcos were required to set up the program and provide a low-cost phone for people who met the same income requirements as food stamps, and to charge the fee. What wasn’t required was to tell anyone about it. Telephone companies have been collecting the fees for the program since Ronnie bumped into furniture in the White House, but only a limited number of people ever found out about the program and actually signed up.

Well, now people know about it, and they should certainly use it if they are ready for the humiliating experience of applying. I have helped a few people through the process, but it puts a real strain on my anger management regime.

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1 Badtux { 10.02.12 at 2:47 am }

“Right-wing liars” is a redundant redundancy. Just sayin’ ;).