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2012 October 06 — Why Now?
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This And That

So, there’s a lot going on in ‘real life’ which limits my available time to write and the tropics have calmed down with cold fronts mugging both Nadine and Oscar to limit the boiler plate posts.

I liked Dave Johnson’s post, So DO Tax Cuts Create Jobs?, but for my own reason. If someone thinks that there is a causative link between the top marginal tax rate and jobs, they will certainly agree that we simply need to look at the historical data to find the optimal rate.

Actually the best rate not only for job growth, but for the GDP, and the deficit turns out to be between 75% and 80%. Just look at the charts and it is obvious. I get the feeling that the people who decided to promote a linked relationship didn’t do much research.

I wonder if anyone is considering showing up at Rmoney events with a large yellow foam hand that has the appropriate digit extended. Someone really should be following Mitt the Twit around with a big yellow bird

So, do you think the Congressional Republican witch hunt on the Benghazi consulate attack will include testimony from the Republican House caucus that voted to cut massive amounts of money from the State Department’s budget for security at embassies and consulates?

October 6, 2012   7 Comments