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2012 October 07 — Why Now?
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First Amendment?

I’ve seen the detention of the producer of Innocence of Muslims being characterized as an attack on free speech, even freedom of religion, rather than the standard probation violation it is.

It turns out that the guy’s name is actually Mark Basseley Youseff and: “Prosecutors say Youseff had eight violations, including lying to his probation officers and using aliases. Youseff also goes by the name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.” He is also known as Sam Bacile, which does support the violation that is claimed.

Youseff was convicted of fraud involving the Internet. When he was released on probation, that release was conditioned on Youseff following certain specific rules. He didn’t follow those rules, so his probation officer wants him returned to prison. Understand, there are no new charges, and his sentence won’t be increased, but he will serve it in prison, not outside on probation.

Note: The deaths in Benghazi were almost certainly the action of a terrorist group in Libya, and not associated with the reaction to the film.

October 7, 2012   4 Comments