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2012 October 09 — Why Now?
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Look What The Cat Dragged In

If you are a cat person, you know that from time-to-time a cat with give you a “gift” – something it killed. The best “gift” is a large brown rat, preferably dead, proving the cat’s hunting skills.

Recently the media has presented a number of “gifts” in the form of Republican whackoes:

Echidne noted three of them.

  1. Congresscritter Paul Broun [R-GA] a member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology who doesn’t believe in any of those things.
  2. State Representative Jon Hubbard of Arkansas who believes that slavery was a good deal for the slaves.
  3. Candidate for the Arkansas House, Charlie Fuqua thinks there is an alliance between liberals and Muslims.

Mustang Bobby notes that Fuqua also thinks that parents should be allowed to execute children who show disrespect.

I believe that having people like this talk publicly and constantly about their beliefs is a major reason that Protestants are no longer the majority in U.S.. These people have defined a Christian theology that contains none of the basic elements of the Sermon on the Mount, which has always been held as the core of Christianity. People are walking away from the cult of fear and hatred that American “Christianity” has become.

October 9, 2012   5 Comments

It Was Seventy-Two Years Ago Today…

John Winston Lennon



funny pictures of cats with captions


From license plates in Florida to stamps in Central Asia, not bad for a working-class guy from Liverpool in only forty years.

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