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2012 October 21 — Why Now?
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RIP George McGovern 1922-2012

My Dad and George McGovern both flew in B-24s out of bases in Italy against targets in Central Europe during World War II. My Dad was a bombardier and Senator McGovern was a pilot, and while they didn’t serve together, they faced the same circumstances. I flew in the same general area during my career, so when Senator McGovern was able to get a B-24 that lost an engine over Pilsen in the Czech Republic to an island in the Adriatic I can understand why he received a Distinguished Flying Cross.

That experience is why George McGovern had little use for pointless wars. If you have been in combat and seen people die, you understand that it is serious business that requires a very serious reason to engage in it.

The Miami Herald carries Associated Press report of Mr. McGovern’s death that is worthwhile because they included a journalist who covered McGovern’s political career.

CNN has Scott Lilly’s view. Mr. Lilly was a regional coordinator for the 1972 McGovern Presidential campaign.

Senator McGovern sponsored the Food Stamp Act of 1964, which is often pointed out an example of his liberalism. What isn’t pointed out often is that Senator Bob Dole was the principal co-sponsor. I would note that there are solid reasons why the Senators from South Dakota and Kansas supported this legislation which is administered by the Department of Agriculture, not Health and Human Services.

As usual, the Democratic Party panicked after the 1972 election, and shifted right, a pattern that it continues. It doesn’t ever seem to occur to the Democratic leaders that the Republicans don’t change as a result of elections.

George McGovern is the last of his species – a major Democrat who never abandoned nor felt ashamed of the label: liberal. He was the last Democratic candidate for President that I wholeheartedly supported and voted for without any doubts.

October 21, 2012   2 Comments