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In Whino Veritas

Noz’s post, reruns again? proves that occasionally even a winger will accidentally tell the truth.

Essentially, Tucker Carlson admits that he isn’t really a journalist, because the fact that he featured the video in question on his MSNBC show in 2007 is consistent with his claim that the media didn’t cover it in 2007. Obviously putting it on Carlson’s show was the same thing as ignoring it, because no one watched his show.

Actually, MSNBC lends credence to Carlson’s claim, as they canceled the show in 2008 for poor to nonexistent ratings.

At least, that’s what I got from his explanation, but Noz has the quote that he verified from the video.

I do take exception to Carlson’s claim of an ‘exclusive’, as this kind of nonsensical whining is characteristic of a number of wingers.