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I Answer Surveys

Because I’m one of few people left in the world who actually have a landline telephone, I get to participate in a lot of surveys.

Tonight it was a Rasmussen survey and it wasn’t well done. The questions were a bit vague and the answers were worse. Some of their categories in the answers were illogical.

This poll seem to think that the President is the entirety of the US government, as I was never offered an opportunity to express my opinion on the Congress.

One question was really off-the-wall – Is the Government a Special Interest group?

I’m sorry, but who exactly would the Government lobby? What is your definition of “the Government”? What do you mean when you say “Special Interest”?

While they did ask about the Trayvon Martin case, they at least didn’t ask about Flight Lieutenant Wales’s new baby.

July 22, 2013   1 Comment

Dump The Pipeline

Charley Pierce has another go at why the Keystone XL pipeline is a bad idea.

To recap: it only creates twenty new jobs in the US; it endangers the largest aquifer in the center of the country; they can’t build it in Canada because the government of British Columbia doesn’t trust their assurances of safety; it will raise gas prices in the US; everything that flows through the pipeline is scheduled for export.

Why is anyone seriously considering this thing? The US is assuming a huge risk, with no benefit. If it was such a great idea, and as safe as claimed, the pipeline would run from Alberta through British Columbia to the Pacific Coast.

July 22, 2013   Comments Off on Dump The Pipeline

I Don’t Get It

On July 5th the wife of a Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer assigned to the F-35 program at Eglin AFB had twins, a boy and a girl, and two weeks later it gets reported in the Local Puppy Trainer

Today the wife of a Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant has a boy, and you can’t avoid the news unless you click through to special version of the Guardian news site.

The M$M acts like I was waiting to find out what sort of a gift to send.

July 22, 2013   2 Comments