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Close, But No Cigar

I was sure we were going to make it, but although we had sprinkles, drizzle, and brief shower today, we missed quadrupling our average rainfall for the month of July, coming up with only 23 inches.

The local produce is terrible. The tomatoes have fungus, the watermelons are tasteless [more water than melon], lots of things were just washed out.

The local seafood is affected by the over-abundance of fresh water pouring in from the flooded rivers and streams, as well as the runoff from the roads.

About the only things that are thriving are mosquitoes.

July 31, 2013   4 Comments

They Blew It Again

Edward Snowden’s father, Lon, was a career Coast Guard officer, and immediately after Snowden identified himself as the one who leaked the NSA documents, the elder Snowden called on his son to return to the US and face the consequences of his actions.

That was then, but as ABC News reports Lon Snowden has turned down an FBI offer of a free trip to Moscow. He then went on to thank the Russian government for its actions on behalf of his son.

Lon Snowden no longer believes that his son will get a fair trial in the US and the FBI probably wanted him to cooperate in the capture of his son in return for the free flight.

The Russian Minister of Justice is also not a believer in American justice, noting that he was ‘not swayed’ by Eric Holder’s letter promising no death penalty or torture.

Update: Russia granted Snowden asylum. It’s only for a year, but it is consistent with a recent trend in Putin’s thinking.

July 31, 2013   6 Comments