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More Gopherwood

Frog with umbrella

So I was going to complain yesterday about having received a foot of rain this month, but other things intruded. So now I’m going to complain about having had a foot and a half of rain this month, when we used to average 6 inches of rain for all of July, usually because a tropical storm came through.

We got 5½ of those inches tonight between 6:15 and 7:15PM from a line of thunderstorms that passed through. There might have been thunder, but I didn’t hear any over the sound of all the water hitting the roof.

Tomorrow I hope it clears long enough for me to get a picture of the lichen growing on my mailbox. It is the same lichen you normally see on live oaks, but there it is on a white metal mailbox, nominally out in direct sunlight.

We have to do something to slow down climate change.

Note: Frog with ‘umbrella’ stolen from Naked Capitalism.


1 JuanitaM { 07.23.13 at 11:30 pm }

As of today’s date, our rain accumulation for this year is already as much as a “normal” year. Although we are in the south, the level of humidity is unusual for us. We’re in the mountains for goodness sake! It’s like trying to breathe underwater.

The storms come daily. Tree limbs down everywhere, swampy areas where there shouldn’t be swampy areas. Strange doings indeed.

2 Bryan { 07.23.13 at 11:55 pm }

People used to head your way to escape the muggy heat of the coast. If you are used to it, and can’t adapt, the humidity is worse than the heat. You sweat, but it doesn’t evaporate, so there really isn’t any cooling.

Yeah, Fallenmonk is north of Atlanta, and his garden keeps getting washed out this year. It’s to the point that he’s talking about going to raised beds to see if he can stop the damage from erosion.

Meanwhile, there’s drought conditions out West.

This month is not doing anything good for the tourist economy.