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More On Grayson

The St. Petersburg Times has a profile: ‘Die quickly’ just a sample of Alan Grayson’s sound bite attack

Routine questions elicit deeply philosophical responses. Asked where he got his political leanings, Grayson’s answer ran eight minutes.

“There are now over 6 billion of us,” he said. “When I buy something, I’m buying the fruits of someone else’s labor. When I watch TV, I’m seeing things that other people have created. We are all highly specialized and highly independent and the only way to make everyone better off is if everyone is better off. My political philosophy is to see that that happens.”

I don’t approve of everything he’s done since entering Congress, especially not the Orlando hurricane center, but he sees it as part of his job as a Congresscritter. He at least knows who he works for – the voters in his district.


1 cookie jill { 10.03.09 at 11:06 am }

I called his office yesterday to say “thanks for showing some spine.” Apparently there were quite a number of Californians calling up to say thanks. The young man answering the phone kinda laughed a bit when I told him I was calling from CA. He said he had been answering calls from CA all morning….all in support.
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2 Bryan { 10.03.09 at 3:02 pm }

Well, I was frankly unimpressed with the quality of the people who represented me in California. There probably wouldn’t be two dozen people left in Congress if they were required to pass a personality assessment. They current Congress generally belongs in prison, rehab, or a psych unit. Never have so many known so little about so much, and they pass the laws and spend billions of dollars.