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Feast Of Saint Nicholas

Russian Icon of Saint Nicholas

Yes, it is the day that kindly old Saint Nicholas fills the footware of good little girls and boys with treats [or his assistants beat the evil out of bad children, depending on the local customs – they didn’t just leave the sticks, in some places they use them.] Don’t forget the carrot if he rides a horse in your area.

He is the patron saint of Russian merchants and pawnbrokers.


1 cookie jill { 12.06.09 at 11:12 am }

And Russian hackers?
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2 Bryan { 12.06.09 at 1:15 pm }

I seem to remember that Saint Claire is the patron of computers and telecommunications, although she isn’t an Orthodox saint. Of course, if they were paid, then they would fall under the aegis of Nikolai as merchants.

3 cookie jill { 12.06.09 at 9:33 pm }

Our patron saint, whom our lovely little red tiled burg is named for, Saint Barbara….she of “explosions and lightning…anyone who works at risk of sudden and violent death….” Her day was a few days ago…
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4 Bryan { 12.06.09 at 10:36 pm }

I forget which of the saints was the patron of the little village we lived in Germany, Mettendorf, but on the feast day they carpeted the street that ran by our house with flower petals in a pattern of yellow, red, and white, and the Bishop of Trier came and accompanied a statue and relics in a parade. It was a rather amazing sight. The entire route was lined with red and white, and yellow and white flags.

I think it was probably a tour of several of the local villages, and not just Mettendorf, to bring out the Bishop.