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Christmas Parade

I think it’s finally over, the Fort Walton Beach Christmas Parade. It started at 6:30 and has been going on for two hours. It ends at the town line, but they wonder through my little town.

It has to be a bit of a let down for the Choctawhatchee High School Band. On Thanksgiving they were in the Macy’s parade in New York City, and today the local parade. They are actually a very good band and get invited to a lot of large events as they have won the state competition for schools their size [5A. 6A are the largest schools] four out of the last five years.

As with all parades down here, beads and candy are thrown at the crowds. This sort of behavior was once limited to Mardi Gras, but it now has infested all the parades.

Fortunately I didn’t need to go out for anything, because even though the parade didn’t come through the town, the police re-route all of the traffic, making it impossible to escape.


1 cookie jill { 12.08.09 at 10:01 am }

We have a Christmas parade…but our big parade is The Fiesta Parade. Tourists tend to throw things but this year they learned that perhaps they shouldn’t do that when the multitude of horses trot by. We had a runaway wagon.
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2 Bryan { 12.08.09 at 5:55 pm }

Even horses trained for crowd control can have a bad day, and horses that aren’t, really don’t like things whizzing by.

While we have a lot of horses in the county, no one has ever suggested using them in any parade. They are generally riding stock, with a few quarter horses, but none of the law enforcement agencies in the area use horses.