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Cyber Tsar?

So, ten seven months after claiming it was a major priority, Obama has appointed a network security figure-head: “Obama has tapped Howard A. Schmidt, longtime computer security executive who worked in the Bush administration and has extensive ties to the corporate world”.

Apparently he was the choice of Larry Summers, because Schmidt knows how to suck up to CEOs, and he had essentially the same do-nothing job in the Hedgemony. More smoke and mirrors, another facade for Obama’s Potemkin village.

No need to find someone who will actually push to secure networks and prevent the script-kiddies from running rampant through government files, because that might upset the corporate owners of the White House, and reduce the salaries and perqs that the current inhabitants expect when they resign “to spend more time with their families”.

I hate to break it to people, but this portfolio doesn’t even sound robust enough to be classified as a Revizor, much less a Tsar.