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In Local News

The National Weather Service in Mobile has issued a

* Flood Warning for Okaloosa County in northwest Florida until 1100 PM CDT Friday…

* High surf advisory now in effect until 7 PM CDT Saturday…

* High rip current risk now in effect through Saturday evening…

* Flash Flood Watch now in effect through Sunday morning…

* A strong thunderstorm will affect southern Okaloosa County in
northwest Florida through 115 PM CDT…

Update: There was a tornado East of me that came from that thunderstorm. It is still raining, but not as hard.

For those with an interest: gopherwood was probably cedar and a cubit is about 18 inches [elbow to the tip of your middle finger (hur,hur,hur…)].

The mushrooms have gotten moldy, and the mold has mildew on it. This has been going on for a week to the ‘delight’ of the local tourist industry.

It stopped raining long enough for the local fireworks display which took place inside the low lying clouds. They would save a lot of money if they just used a bank of subwoofers and a few lasers and projectors.

Needless to say it has been a while since I have seen any cats, inside or out.


1 Steve Bates { 07.05.13 at 8:27 pm }

Wow. You’re really getting hammered with lots of things at once! And so are we…

We have some rain coming this weekend, but we’re all grateful: in one part of Harris County, Houston Aldine, pollution with particulates is so bad it’s rated Unhealthy, a rating I’ve seldom seen over the years, and only two notches below the worst rank (Hazardous). Several times today I had coughing fits, despite our spending most of the day indoors, and despite our not living in one of the highly polluted areas. It’s because the whole county is polluted, to a point at which no one can escape it. We live in parlous times…

2 Bryan { 07.05.13 at 8:44 pm }

There is a front stuck along the Mississippi River that just doesn’t move. We get rain, and you get blocked, so the pollution builds. We never got the super hot temperatures that you guys had because the front didn’t move. It is beginning to look like summer is going to be the rainy season here, which is not something you look forward to in a tourist economy.

The rain is scrubbing the air, so I can hear normally without sinus and ear problems from allergens, but my two pairs of boat shoes isn’t enough because they don’t really dry out in a day. I may have to lower the temperature on my air conditioning to get it to act as a dehumidifier.

I’ve seen the rain coming your way on the national map. I would love to redirect two-thirds of this rain to somewhere that needs it.

3 hipparchia { 07.05.13 at 9:13 pm }

the heat index has dropped by 40 degrees, the pollen count is way down, and we didn’t get any tornadoes.

the tourists are cranky, the mold is replacing the pollen as #1 allergen, and the fleas are in hog heaven.

some of my cats go into hiding for the worst of the lightning storms, but mostly they’ve got cabin fever and don’t care any more.

4 Bryan { 07.05.13 at 9:32 pm }

We hit the split tonight with the rain bands to the east and west of us, while we are drying out.

Yes, it is nice to scrub the pollen, but every three days would be plenty, and they might finally finish all of the road work and sidewalk construction that has been going on for months.

I think the fleas are finally under control, but that just means the cats disappear until 3AM when they wake up and raise hell.

5 Badtux { 07.05.13 at 10:37 pm }

Well, today the heat wave broke here in the Silly Cone Valley, so I’m happy. Well, except for the fact that I have an air conditioner coming in on Monday for dealing with the heat wave, but no worries — there will be another heat wave before the end of this year (sigh!).

Hurricane season is one of the things I *don’t* miss about living in the South… that and the humidity. Though the previous two days made me think I was living in Lafayette Louisiana again, between the heat and humidity :(.

6 hipparchia { 07.05.13 at 11:32 pm }

Though the previous two days made me think I was living in Lafayette Louisiana again,

lafayette lousiana, now with earthquakes! the best of both worlds! 😈

7 Bryan { 07.06.13 at 12:00 am }

I just can’t conceptualize those kinds of temperatures in the Bay Area, hell being warm up there is beyond my ken. When I was in Monterey the first time, I had a cousin living in San Francisco and I always had to dig out a heavier jacket to visit him.

Yes, you head inland and you got the extreme heat in the summer and snow in the winter, but not on the coast.

As Hipparchia notes, climate change is really messing with the cost/benefit ratios of various areas of the country.