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New Well, Same PR Team

CBS announced the gas well in the Gulf has stopped leaking:

NEW ORLEANS Federal regulators say natural gas has stopped flowing from a well that has been ablaze in the Gulf of Mexico and remaining small flames are from gas still in the pipe.

In a Thursday news release, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement says the well “bridged over.” That means sand and sediment collapsed into the area being drilled, blocking the line.

Both BSEE and the Coast Guard have flown over the well to check this.

So they know what is happening on the floor of the Gulf by flying over the well. I hope they don’t mind that I don’t believe anything that comes out of their mouths.

University of Georgia marine scientist Samantha “Mandy” Joye is coming down to take samples and check on things. If she says the flow has stopped, I’ll believe it. I’ll believe it because she does her own research and won’t accept grants that come with non-disclosure clauses. She will tell you what she found and what she thinks it means, and doesn’t actually care what the US government or oil companies think. When she finds oil on the bottom of the Gulf, she documents it and reports even if the government and industry have been claiming that it evaporated.

So, the well has stopped leaking, just ignore the fire that continues to burn… Nothing to see here, just move along … Yeah, right 😈