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More Tourism Assistance From DHS

They really do seem hellbent on annoying as many people as possible around the world with their stupid rules and massive data collection operations. The BBC reports on the latest effort to make the US the last place anyone would choose to visit – US to tighten visa restrictions

The US is to tighten visa restrictions to allow it to screen all short-term visitors from Japan and Western Europe.

US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said visitors to the US who do not need visas will be required to register with the government online.

The security regulation, set to begin next year, will require visitors to register three days before they visit.

The online registration will remain valid for a two-year period, Mr Chertoff said.

I have no idea what they think this will accomplish, except to provide terrorists with lists of real people with real passport numbers when DHS leaves a laptop somewhere, or has its site hacked.


1 Jack K., the Grumpy Forester { 06.04.08 at 9:50 am }

…one does idly wonder how it is that 6 1/2 years later we finally have decided that this is a security risk that must be addressed…

2 Kryten42 { 06.04.08 at 10:30 am }

Well… look it it this way… less money coming in, more money going out means airlines and allied industries going bankrupt and hastening the depression. 🙂 Best to get it over with quickly I think. 😉

I see GM don’t believe the agitprop from the Gov BTW. Apparently they have (or are about to?) decided to stop producing hummers and other big vehicles in favor of new smaller cars and even a new hybrid. 🙂 Possibly a tad late, but perhaps not. I guess this will make GM a liberal company now? LOL Will be a LOT of pissed rich redneck wannabe’s around! LOL

3 Bryan { 06.04.08 at 1:00 pm }

Yeah, Jack, I guess they’ll be sending ice and water to New Orleans sometime soon in response to Katrina.

The Department of Homeland Security – an idea by Joe LIEberman, adopted and distorted by the Hedgemony – what could go wrong?

Yes, Kryten, if they wanted US airlines out of the international travel market, they are certainly succeeding. I have relatives who routinely fly overseas, but they start and end in Mexico because of all the crap at US airports, and I know that some carriers already advertise international flights that do not cross the US.

GM, as usual, is about 5 years behind the curve, which is why Toyota is kicking their butts with cars made in the US by US workers. Makes you wonder.

4 LadyMin { 06.04.08 at 2:16 pm }

We do like to shoot ourselves in the foot here. Now would be a great time to get tourists to spend money since the dollar is sinking. But no, we scare them away.

Yes, GM is closing 4 truck plants and possibly selling the Hummer line. I guess congrats are in order to those at GM for finally taking their heads out of their asses and realizing that humongous gas-guzzlers are dead. Perhaps they should have sold Hummer three years ago when it was a status symbol instead of a joke. Yes, some of us do laugh when we see them rumbling down the mean streets of … a subdivision!

5 Bryan { 06.04.08 at 2:25 pm }

The vehicles they are discontinuing are certainly clogging up the used car lots.

Remember that Congress encouraged this garbage with a “business” tax break for buying these fuel hogs.

6 hipparchia { 06.04.08 at 6:57 pm }

… except to provide terrorists with lists of real people with real passport numbers when DHS leaves a laptop somewhere, or has its site hacked.

my stars, dhs giving comfort and aid to the enemy! when do we get to formally charge michael chertoff with treason?

7 Bryan { 06.04.08 at 9:26 pm }


Gathering that kind of information over the ‘Net is an invitation to abuse and hacking.