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2008 June 07 — Why Now?
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Whither Weather B-2?

When I read the article on the B-2, I knew that this wasn’t the first time that a problem about the B-2 and weather had been in the news. Sure enough, back on September 12th, 1997 CNN had a piece on a GAO report about the situation, Air Force sticks up for its ‘fair-weather’ B-2

WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Missouri (CNN) — The U.S. Air Force deployed its much-criticized, high-tech B-2 bombers on their most critical mission to date: countering the perception that they are multibillion-dollar, bat-winged boondoggles.

Smarting from a recent General Accounting Office report which called the B-2 a “fair-weather jet” that can’t be based overseas without expensive climate-controlled hangars, the Air Force flew dozens of reporters and cameramen to Missouri for an unprecedented, close-up look at the bombers.

The media were given extraordinary access to the B-2, including a chance to sit in the two-seat cockpit (the power was turned off to hide classified aspects).

“We have a capability today that nobody else has,” Brig. Gen. Thomas Goslin said. But Goslin and the Air Force also have a public relations problem nobody else has.

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