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2008 June 21 — Why Now?
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Typhoon Fengshen

The BBC reports that Deadly typhoon hits Philippines

At least 17 people have died and many more are missing after Typhoon Fengshen hit the southern Philippines, causing flash floods and landslides.

Thousands of people have been evacuated from the path of the typhoon.

Gusts of up to 170kph (106mph) have caused much damage in southern and central areas. Many roads are blocked and there are widespread power cuts.

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Oh, No – Not Habeas Corpus

In zipping around the ‘Net in the recent past I noticed some winger asking what he felt was the burning question: “Do you want Osama bin Laden to have the right to habeas corpus?”

The question shows a basic ignorance of what the “Great Writ” really means, and how much a part of the judicial process it is.

I was in law enforcement for a decade and satisfied the conditions of the writ every time I arrested anyone.  All it means is that within a specified time, which may differ between states, I had to charge someone with a crime or release them.  Normally several things were accomplished at a preliminary hearing, the person was charged, satisfying the requirements of the Writ, and bail was set.

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June 21, 2008   6 Comments

Amateur Theatricals

Obama's seal

Now we know what he wants for his rug in the Oval office. To say this is stupid and tasteless is to understate reality, but I don’t thinks this seal that he is using on podiums when he speaks has much connection to reality, but to hubris.

His motto is Vero Possumus which is freely translated as “Pogo was right”, i.e. as Pogo said: “We have met the enemy… and he is us.”

June 21, 2008   6 Comments

Political Kerfuffle Continues

Lavender ChickenLame Duck

First off, the Blue Dogs needs to hire someone who can alphabetize a list, and the Democratic leadership should be aware that there are two “s” in Wasserman, not three.

Those are petty things, but, when you can’t even keep the simple office routines in order, it is unlikely you are ready for the bigger problems.

We have just had two surrenders by the Lavender Chickens to the Lame Ducks this week. The war was fully funded first, and then accountability and the Fourth Amendment were cast aside. I’m sure they would stand on principles, but they don’t have any.

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