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My Congresscritter In USAToday

… and it doesn’t involve sex or goats.

According to that august national puppy trainer: Fla. congressman defends giving borrowed speech

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Republican congressman has apologized for posting a speech on his website without acknowledging that it was largely written by a fellow Republican from Georgia.

But Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., says he did nothing wrong in delivering the heavily borrowed address at a University of West Florida graduation in 2004.

While not lifted word for word, Miller’s address contains nearly identical passages and the same life lessons as a speech Sen. Johnny Isakson wrote for his son’s high school graduation in 1988 and has delivered more than 100 times since.

Miller says he credited Isakson when he delivered the speech, but that attribution was mistakenly left out of a written transcript that was posted on Miller’s website. After a columnist for The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle raised questions, Miller amended the site to show that the ideas came from Isakson.

I’m sure the graduates of the University of West Florida are thrilled to know they were listening to a 16-year-old high school graduation speech written by a Georgia Dad for his son, and read by their Congresscritter. That will make them feel better about their college loans.

Since he only “borrowed” it, I’m sure he will give it back. 😈