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Another Fire & Flood Update — Why Now?
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Another Fire & Flood Update

From MSNBC [because CNN doesn’t have any fire stories on its front page]: California wildfire takes aim at Big Sur

BIG SUR, Calif. – Firefighters bulked up their defenses Friday against a wildfire that threatened parts of this storied tourist town and prepared for more lightning strikes that could ignite new fires across Northern California.

More than 1,000 fires, mostly caused by lightning, burned across Northern California, including two gigantic blazes in the Los Padres National Forest.

There are also lightning ignited fires in the Manzano Mountains of central New Mexico, and a dozen fires in Colorado.

CNN does, apparently know there is flooding happening: Muskrats blamed for levee breach on Mississippi

(CNN) — Muskrat holes weakened a Mississippi River levee on Friday, allowing floodwaters to pour into Lincoln County, Missouri, just north of St. Louis, officials said.

Sheriff’s deputies alerted residents to evacuate, yelling “get out, the levee broke” as they went door-to-door in the affected areas, according to an Associated Press report.

Though overnight rains were reported in the area, officials said at a Friday morning news conference that muskrats looking for food or making dens had dug into the earthen levee, weakening it enough that nature took care of the rest.

That’s right, it wasn’t global climate change that’s producing 500-year floods every 15 years, or the mucking about with the river that man has done for more than a century, it’s muskrats.

Meanwhile the storms continue: Severe storms kill two in Iowa

Across the Missouri River in Council Bluffs, Iowa, two people died when a tree fell on their car, police Sgt. Jason Bailey said.

Damage reports in the region included toppled trees and power lines, and hail the size of baseballs. Flash flood watches were issued across Iowa, where flooding has been a problem in recent weeks.

Ah, guys, $8 billion in estimated damage amounts to something more than a “problem”, especially as about $7 billion is in crop damage.

Congress can magically create the money to bomb people, but can’t come up with the money to finance firefighting or flood control.


1 cookie jill { 06.28.08 at 12:14 am }

Seems that Big Sur might have gotten a big break as the wind may have changed directions yet again. We’re not getting as much smoke as we have in the past week, in fact, in the afternoon it was actually quite clear.

Guess CA on fire is “old news” and many people are of the mindset to just let us burn (as many have already suggested that San Franciscans should burn in hell one day.)

Big Sur is taking a huge hit with the loss of Tourism dollars as is many parts of California (Napa/Sonoma wine county.) The State is yet again being hit financially in paying to fight these fires and the loss of sales tax, etc.

I say we should just leave the other states and become The United State of California…maybe join up with Oregon and Washington and let the other states find ways to feed themselves.

2 Bryan { 06.28.08 at 12:33 am }

I just couldn’t believe that CNN had nothing about the fires. MSNBC had them front paged. It’s ridiculous that you have fires around two state capitals and one of the best known cities in the world, but no one is covering it at a major network.

I realize they probably don’t know that Carson City is the capital of Nevada, but Lake Tahoe and Big Sur should ring a bell. Their weather people can see the fires on the satellite photos.

3 distributorcap { 06.28.08 at 5:36 am }

with all the severe weather we have had for the past 5 years —- you still have the dickwad cheney’s and james inhofe of the world saying there is no climate change going on

4 Bryan { 06.28.08 at 10:55 am }

And they will continue to deny reality as long as it is in their financial interest to do so. They have sold their souls to the energy industry.