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Friday Cat Blogging — Why Now?
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Friday Cat Blogging

Oscar the Slouch

Friday Cat Blogging

Go away, flash person!

[Editor: Almost any day you will find Oscar curled up atop this garbage can. A juvenile from the Lone Ranger’s last litter, she’s going to need a new “bed” after a bit.]

Friday Ark


1 hipparchia { 06.27.08 at 12:20 am }

they never outgrow their favorite sleeping spots, even when they do.

2 Bryan { 06.27.08 at 12:36 am }

I know, it’s a bit embarrassing occasionally, but that can with tip over if she gets too big.

3 cookie jill { 06.27.08 at 12:50 am }

I have heard of dumpster diving…but not sleeping.

4 Lab Kat { 06.27.08 at 10:48 am }

I love the blatant ignoring of the camera man. 🙂

5 Moi { 06.27.08 at 2:21 pm }

OMG that is SO funny!!!!

6 Bryan { 06.27.08 at 2:59 pm }

I get no respect from the cats – the inside cats close their eyes, and the outdoor cats turn their backs.

7 distributorcap { 06.28.08 at 5:37 am }

they find one spot and hold on to it
then find another

8 Bryan { 06.28.08 at 10:53 am }

Well, it is a good spot – no fleas, easy to defend, and she can go up the tree as easily as down to the ground. The problem is it will tip over when she gets heavier.

9 yaffa { 06.28.08 at 6:36 pm }

That is a cute place to nap.

10 Bryan { 06.28.08 at 9:38 pm }

As long as she doesn’t get any bigger.

Welcome to my corner of the ‘Net, Yaffa.

11 oldwhitelady { 06.29.08 at 8:39 am }

Let sleeping kitties sleep. Obviously, they need the extra rest. Oscar seems to have the same coloration as my sweet Lady Fortuna. Lovely cats!~

12 Steve Bates { 06.29.08 at 11:08 am }

(Sorry I missed this earlier.) IIRC, Rita Mae Brown wrote a book called Catch as Cat Can. I suppose this is the Cat Can…

13 Bryan { 06.29.08 at 3:07 pm }

Ah, but Lady Fortuna is much fluffier than the local cats. Long-haired ferals are rare in this area, it’s too hot.

Actually, Steve, in this case Cats Can’t, but a Kitten Can, because an adult would knock over the can jumping up there.

14 jams O'Donnell { 06.29.08 at 3:12 pm }

I am never surprised where they find to sleep Bryan!

15 Bryan { 06.29.08 at 8:07 pm }

My first single cat, Koshka, would sleep atop of open doors, but she was just weird.