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PCC In The News — Why Now?
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PCC In The News

Fallenmonk and Chris at Suburban Guerrilla are having a tizzy over Tbogg’s post on “Optical intercourse”, one of the many reasons for students being chastised at Pensacola Christian College.

The article is part of an exposé of some of the people hired by Monica Gooding and the Hedgemony’s Department of Justice.

While they shake their heads in wonder at what happens on the Florida Panhandle, they miss something – PCC’s influence isn’t limited to their campus and the graduates of the college. They have a very widespread network that is global.

In addition to the college, PCC owns: Pensacola Theological Seminary, Rejoice Music, Rejoice Radio, Rejoice TV, A Beka Academy, and A Beka Books. They have all evolved [they will hate that] from Pensacola Christian Academy. The Wikipedia entry notes: “The school was founded as Pensacola Christian School in 1954 by Arlin Horton (who later established Pensacola Christian College) and his wife Beka.”

One of PCA’s most well known alumni is Eric Hovind. Just drop by PZ Myer’s place, Pharyngula,  and search on that name and watch the server slow down.

English-speaking evangelical Christian homeschoolers all over the world are using A Beka books and the A Beka curriculum, either by themselves or through the A Beka Academy. The Academy claims a half million current or former students. They are everywhere and expanding.

Of course, there would seem to be some problems with socialization [you know, they will hate that word] of the graduates.

The Pensacola Beach Blog reported on the problems of a local graduate back in 2006: in the post, Lobbying the Judge. It was the case of: “Janelle Bird, the 24 year-old Escambia County school teacher who carried on a two year affair with her 15 year-old student.” [I would note that she was not a public school teacher, but was teaching at a private “Christian” school.]

Judging from the accounts we have been shown, Janelle Bird is a grotesquely naive and very stupid woman whose sole argument for leniency is that she is a “Christian.” She was raised in the suffocating isolation of a “Christian” home intolerant of other religions, much less secular ideas. She went to school, for a time, at a tiny “Christian” school and then “home-schooled” for the rest of her K-12 years. For her, entering the notoriously insular, academically fourth-rate Pensacola Christian College was a “first venture into the larger world,” in the commiserating words of Ms. Lozare.

The judge gave her two years and she is now a registered Florida Sexual Offender for the rest of her life.

They don’t interact with other people in a normal [for a given value of normal] fashion, so they don’t learn how to integrate into society.


1 Mustang Bobby { 06.27.08 at 5:05 pm }

RE: PCC. Which came first, this place or the Taliban?

2 hipparchia { 06.27.08 at 7:02 pm }


3 Bryan { 06.27.08 at 7:21 pm }

PCC was founded in 1974, and the Taliban were a reaction to the Soviet invasion in 1979. PCC wins.

4 fallenmonk { 06.28.08 at 8:09 pm }

I take exception to the “tizzy” but gobsmacked works.

5 Bryan { 06.28.08 at 9:30 pm }

Exception noted, FM, but I don’t know what you’d expect from a college started by two graduates of Bob Jones University like Arlin and Beka Horton.

Truth is you, myself, Hipparchia, Steve Bates, Mustang Bobby, and Michael of Musings have more degrees from accredited institutions that the faculty of PCC. It has no accreditation and most of the graduate degrees on the faculty were issued by PCC itself.

They only permit the King James Version of the Bible on campus and have recreated Geneva under Calvin on the campus. They are young earth creationists, for crying out loud.

I live among these whackos and see the problems they cause.