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Die Mannschaft versus La Furia Roja — Why Now?
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Die Mannschaft versus La Furia Roja

European Championship 2008

Spanish national teamGerman national team

Update: Final Spain 1-0 Germany. Just past the 30-minute mark Fernando Torres took a pass from Cesc Fabregas Xavi Hernandez, out-moved a defender and chipped it in over the German goalie, Jens Lehmann.

It’s time for the UEFA Cup finals of real football, the version that requires you to use your feet, so nothing else will happen in Europe during the match, and there will be either celebration or commiseration afterward, depending on how your side made out.

Pierre at Candide’s Notebooks is planning to live-blog the event starting at 2:30PM EDT [he’s in the other part of Florida].  It is scheduled to start at 8:45PM local in Wien/Vienna which prime-time for European audience.

The BBC will have a ‘Net feed, but it will be nearly impossible to log in, even if they don’t restrict it, which I suspect they will.

The German side are having some injury problems, but I will still give them the edge.

I expect they will both wear their first kit, which is white over black for the Germans and red over dark blue for Spain.


1 hipparchia { 06.29.08 at 1:41 am }

oh dear, it’s here again. already. i’m going to go hide under the sofa.

2 cat daddy and dr. squeeky { 06.29.08 at 8:45 am }

After a long absence, we’re back… Glad to comment on soccer posts from Bryan.

On this one, I must go with Spain. Germany got lucky and they haven’t played that well. I also think that some of the refs gave Germany the benefit of doubt on some calls, while not doing the same with other teams, like the Turks (although both did deserve penalty kicks that weren’t called). Anyway, Spain all the way!!!!!!!

3 Steve Bates { 06.29.08 at 10:42 am }

“… real football, the version that requires you to use your feet, …”

And your balls. 😈

One certainly has to be a real athlete to play real football. It appeals to me as a spectator, much as hockey and basketball do, for the nearly continuous action.

4 Bryan { 06.29.08 at 3:25 pm }

No, Hipparchia, you’re thinking of the World Cup and that’s two years from now, this is just Europe.

Welcome back, CDDS, well, your side is up by one at the half, but maybe the Team will wake up for the second half.

It sounds like a good one, Steve – a lot of action even if there is little scoring. That goal is smaller than most people believe.

Alas the Oranje survived the Death Group unscathed only to be mauled by the Russians in overtime in the quarter finals. On to the World Cup.