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2010 January 02 — Why Now?
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Hard Freeze

We are under a Hard Freeze Warning every night for the next 5 or so days. I’ve been busy moving plants, putting a tarp over my Mother’s pond, and arranging places for the ferals to hole up overnight.

It isn’t a fun experience for man nor beast, and the houses aren’t built for it.

In the old days we would have three of these cold spells a year, and they would last three days at most. Not any more.

January 2, 2010   12 Comments

Same Insanity Every Year

It is time to stop this. It is past time when taking a firearm out with standard ammunition and discharging it at the New Year is acceptable behavior. Making it illegal won’t stop it, only society will stop it. Only a sane society that tells people who do these things, that they aren’t acceptable, will ever really change behavior.

I was going to write about this earlier when I read about the Italian child being struck by a bullet in the Miami Herald, Boy expected to survive gunshot, but later I heard a report on the Dothan, Alabama TV News: A 4 year old boy who was struck by a stray bullet while at church died Friday.

The family went to church to celebrate the New Year, and a bullet fired in the air by some moron came down, through the roof of the church and struck this small child in the head, as he sat next to his parents in a pew.

This occurred in Dekalb County, Georgia. People have to know who fired that shot near the church. It is time to end this kind of insane, reckless behavior.

January 2, 2010   7 Comments