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2010 January 05 — Why Now?
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Bad Timing

Tomorrow I will be replacing a water valve. Replacing this valve will involve shutting off the water to ten houses during one of the coldest spells of weather we have had for a very long time. This involves working with galvanized steel pipe that was installed when Harry Truman was President, so putting a wrench on it always includes the possibility of it snapping off in a very inconvenient place.

I got stuck with the job because most of the real plumbers have gone out of business, and the few that are left can’t handle the volume of work, but are afraid to hire help.

This affects my Mother, and involves a friend. The friend is a computer technician and should never have touched a pipe wrench. Electron flow and water flow are not the same, no matter what your physics teacher told you.

They wanted me to do this at 9pm, in the dark, in the cold, with no access to parts. They think that you just take out the bad part and put in a new one. They don’t consider the possibility of something else breaking in the process. They are young – they will learn.

January 5, 2010   7 Comments

The Rightwing Takes A Trophy

The Naked Politics blog at the Miami Herald is reporting: Jim Greer is out

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer just made it official in a call with members of the executive committee: He’s resigning as of Feb. 20.

Greer has had several foot-in-mouth episodes recently, and is a friend of Charley Christ, so the whackos have been after his head in their pursuit of moving the FGOP further to the right. This isn’t directly tied to Rubio’s Senate bid, but it will be seen as a sign of his increasing strength in the party.

Personally I would love to see Rubio beat Christ, as it would make it much easier for Meek to win the election. Charley Christ is a popular guy. He hasn’t really done anything, but he is personally popular with a lot of people, especially in the real center among voters. He would be the odds on favorite to win, if he got through the primary. It looks like the same brilliant plan that cost the Republicans a House seat in the NY-23 race, could cost them a Senate seat from Florida.

January 5, 2010   4 Comments