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2010 January 19 — Why Now?
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CNN, and the rest of the pack, are saying Brown wins, but it would be more accurate in Massachusetts to say the National Democratic Party machine has once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Martha Coakley was looking great following the Democratic primary with a solid win, good enthusiasm, and an election in a liberal state. Then it all fell apart when the decision was made that instead of running for Senator from Massachusetts, she would run as the 60th vote for the Obama health insurance mess.

She got her major boost in the primary when she flatly opposed the Stupak amendment to the House version of the bill, and then, in the last days of the campaign, her big “thing” is promising to vote for the bill, regardless of what it contains in the end.

It is hard enough to crawl out from under the bus to vote, but then to be told that the person you thought was different, was going to be a real liberal, was just going to be another party apparatchik – not going to happen.

When this election became a referendum on the “health care reform” bill, Coakley lost.

January 19, 2010   10 Comments

This Isn’t Good

The Local Puppy Trainer is reporting that Pensacola Bay Bridge needs replacement, ‘structurally deficient’.

Known locally as the Three-mile Bridge, it is the link between Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, and an important point on US 98. It has survived multiple hurricanes that have regularly wiped out the much shorter I-10 bridge to the north.

This is going to be a mess because a new bridge will require two cities and two counties to agree on the route, and then the state and Federal governments to agree on the funding. Any project this big is going to attract all of the unsavory types in the area and waste years.

They could just use the route of the bridge that the current bridge replaced, and turn the current bridge into a couple of fishing piers, but that would be too easy.

January 19, 2010   2 Comments

Kind Of Funny

Lately Feedjit has been reporting me as being from Baker and Marianna, Florida.

Thanks to FDR, they do have electricity, and they also have had telephone service for years, now, but DSL would really be pushing the envelop for them.

Last I knew, they relied on satellite dishes for tv, so I assume they would use satellite dishes if they wanted broadband access.

They are nice enough small towns up towards the Alabama border in the pine woods.

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