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2010 January 22 — Why Now?
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I’m sending drying thoughts to friends and family in SoCal. I just saw a clip of a guy kayaking down Mission Boulevard in Pacific Beach. Now Mission Valley would flood with heavy dew, but I’ve never seen water like that on Mission Boulevard.

I had clients in that area, and their offices would definitely be flooded based on that video.

The Jet Stream has been pushed South into Mexico, so the storms that would normally head in to the Pacific Northwest can now drop down, including the “Pineapple Express” type of storms that plagued the Iditarod two years ago. This is all part of the El Niño effect that is baking Australia.

For the first time I saw one of Obama’s dog and pony shows at my Mother’s. Standard political garbage, i.e. talk in generalities, don’t really address the question, “leave your data with aides”…

I assume he’s better when giving a speech, based on all the paeans to him. He was better than the Shrubbery, but not nearly as good as Barney Frank, or Bill Clinton in this environment.

While Bernanke seems to be in trouble, Geithner is the immediate problem. If you are in the Cabinet and you don’t like the President’s position, your options are to continue to express your concerns in private while implementing the policy, or resign. You don’t make your opposition obvious and keep your job. Unless you are the CEO, it works that way in business, as well as government.

January 22, 2010   8 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

Sunset Driveway

Friday Cat Blogging

I’m ready for my close-up.

[Editor: I was looking for Adolf when Lucrezia decided to pose. Alas the flash went off as the light was marginal due to the overcast. It was sunset and she is in the driveway…

Friday Ark

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