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2010 January 14 — Why Now?
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We Really Can Do This

Humanitarian Service Medal

That’s the Humanitarian Service Medal. It counts for promotion like any other “Service” medal. The mission to Haiti will rate its reward to those who participate in the operation.

I assumed that the Air Force Special Operations Command people at the local Hurlburt Field had been sent to re-open the airport, and AFSOC has a press release confirming it: Special Tactic Airmen provide humanitarian relief to Haiti.

The BBC has more coverage on the military response: US rushes troops to Haiti earthquake zone.

I’m happy to see that the USS Bataan is leading the amphibious group. The Bataan is the vessel that followed Katrina in the Gulf and was ready to immediately supply New Orleans with assistance, but Rumsfeld refused to allow it for days.

When you see what the US military can and will do to merit their HSMs in Port au Prince, think about the difference they would have made if Rumsfeld had sent them to NOLA, a thousand miles closer.

January 14, 2010   4 Comments